Get text verification codes direct to your email!

Register a private number to attach to everything from your bank to WhatsApp and, when abroad, get all your verification codes by email.

Just $2 per month for your own number and up to 100 messages! (Cancel whenever you like.)

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You'll always have access to your most important accounts—from banking to insurance—when travelling.

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No more swapping SIM cards just to get a verification code; no more incurring roaming charges; no more being locked out of important accounts.

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Continue using two-factor authentication to keep hackers out of your accounts, secure in the knowledge that you're the only one getting in.

Join users all over the world

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This is truly amazing! Saves me so much hassle.

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I had been going in circles with this problem all day!

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I can't believe banks still use text messages!

How it works

Step 1/3: Register and get your phone number.

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Step 2/3: Update the number you have registered with your bank, WhatsApp, etc.

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Step 3/3: Get SMS verification codes by email and login with ease.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Any questions? Get in touch via!

  • How does this work exactly?

    GlobalOTP buys the number you choose on your behalf. A message sent to that number is forwarded to our server where we check the phone number in our own database and simply forward the message via email to the right address.

  • How can you guarantee my messages are safe?

    GlobalOTP doesn't see or store any part of your message or even any details of who it's from. There's no benefit to us in doing that and it would just take up space on our server. Even if we were to be hacked, there would be no messages for anyone to take from us.

  • How do you store my password in your database?

    It's hashed, meaning there's no way we or anyone else can decrypt it.

  • Does this mean I can use a GlobalOTP number with WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.?


  • Which organizations do NOT accept GlobalOTP numbers?

    We've had customers tell us that some U.S. companies — PayPal, Bank of America and Wells Fargo — won't accept numbers from anyone except the standard U.S. operators, i.e., AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about this.

  • Why shouldn't I just use Google Authenticator, or similar?

    You should! If you're able to get your OTP via any means other than SMS then that's a far better option, in terms of convenience and security. If you can do that, you don't need GlobalOTP! GlobalOTP is a work-around to SMS-based two-factor authentication.

  • Will you give me a refund if GlobalOTP doesn't work out for me?

    Of course. Just let us know in the first week of getting your account. We'll do what we can to help and, if we can't help, we'll give you a full refund.

  • What if someone calls me on my GlobalOTP number?

    Right now, nothing, but we'll soon be bringing in functionality whereby the call can be redirected to another phone number.

  • What if I want to respond to a message I receive?

    Right now, you won't be able to but we'll soon be bringing in the ability to send messages from the number too.

  • What if I want to cancel?

    Cancellation is extremely easy: Just sign in and hit Cancel next to the number you want to cancel. You won't be charged a penny more.

GlobalOTP contributes 1% of all revenue to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.
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